HQ, 1 Berry Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HF


Glen started Three Gs Group Ltd back in 2021, along with his 15 years experience in the hospitality industry he has a strong passion of security, teaching and helping people reach their full potential, There was two other big reasons into creating Three Gs Group.

1. The most important one is to create a legacy for his beautiful little girl grace.
2. To change the stigma of security, the way people see security as people and help improve old and new generations of security services with behaviours and techniques, help people see that security are not always the enemy, they are there to help you, keep you safe and be approachable (they can still have fun!)

Glen is not one of those managers that will sit back and watch as the day goes by, he is always on the go, never switches off and will always go that extra mile for his friends, family and staff, you can count on him to always have your back whether its during a security shift, supporting you through your course or even just being a friend talking about cheese.